Monday, October 12, 2020

2020 NaNoWriMO!

 Watch for me in NANO this year. I'll be working on a youth novel called "The Dreamcatcher."It follows a young boy who discovers he can enter other peoples' dreams and fight off the Nightmare. Though he feels invincible in the dream world, what he doesn't know, is that he can bring dangerous things into the real world. He must turn to ancestors (both sane and insane) and friends to put things right and save the sanity of his friend's little sister.


 Sorry I haven't blogged in so long. I've (kind of) been on sabbatical for ages. A lot has happened in my personal life that threw me off kilter, including open heart surgery, a sudden move from Texas to Arkansas, a flood resulting in in-laws living with us and the pandemic! That's probably enough to throw anyone into a spin!

I think I'm finally coming out of my writing funk, so I made my blog page my home page to remind me to keep everyone updated. I'm currently stewing up a (hopefully) scary story for Halloween. When I finish it and get it critiqued by most patient writing group, I'll revise it according to comments and post it for you.